codys locked acc!
follow requests are fine as long as u read this page

my name is cody and i use they/them pronouns! im 13 (turning 14 on july 15th) and i love my friends!! my public account is @codycrumbs n i live on the west coast of the usa!! my timezone is PST (so pacific standard time)

if i ever do anything that upsets you or i forget to tag something please dont be afraid to let me know!! im always willing to try and work out any issues/conflicts as long as we can both be mature about it

please ask to follow if youre 18+ (unless i follow first or we're already mutuals) and dont follow if u fit basic dfi criteria !!

i have a few mental illnesses that are professionally diagnosed, but i dont feel comfortable talking about them unless we're close!! if i act odd or anything thats probably why!

dont mute me please! just tell me what im doing wrong or softblock
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