these are my friends who i love with all my heart !!

please tell me if you want to be added / removed !!

my qpps are dart and walter !! i love them both very very much

finley is my mortal enemy who i hate (/s i love her shes a great person)

ken once mailed me a hall pass from their school and some licorice and i think that deserves a special mention

i love casey, saturn, amor, lex, chad, ruby, ollie, milo, cali, jake, hal, maxie, archie, rubin, ozzy, al, elliott, keita, owen, gon, stella, samster, flareon, scott, yuki, saihara, kris, ford, celi, connie, cinder, ren, danny,

i love u guys!! ty for making my life better
if you arent on here it doesnt mean i dont cosider u a friend!! im just very forgetful

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